Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound



Judge: Jordan Barak

Police investigator: Avi Akiva

Attorneys: Firas Sabah, Judd Kadmani


There was no list of the hearings today.

3 cases were submitted to the worthy judge. One concerned a detainee barred from meeting an attorney.


The first case was that of the barred detainee, represented by Attorney Firas.

We were present at this part of the hearing. At the end of the presentation of the defence attorney's questions, we asked the judge to consider the preliminary injunction of the Supreme Court recommending that our presence be allowed  in all parts of the hearing (i.e., the debate between the parties - the police representative and the defence attorney, and also the hearing when the detainee appears without his attorney).

Justice Jordan Barak read the document and remarked that he was aware of this recommendation.

But before the judge decided, the investigator had two requests: to hold the hearing in camerainfo-icon and thus avoid, for "security reasons", publicising the detainee's name (since today there were no lists), and in addition, not to publish the minutes that we took.

Judge Jordan Barak tended to agree with our presence, but acceded to the police investigator’s request.


The second casewas represented by Attorney. Judd Kadmani

The suspect was arrested on 16.5.12.

The police investigator sought another 15 days for additional investigation: this was the first extension of remand.

The suspicion:  "serious offences". The suspect gave his first police statement today.

The defence attorney asked what the detainee is suspected of.

Answer: Conspiring and activities in an organization.

Question: What organization?

Answer: I cannot give details.

Question: Does he link himself to the organization?

Answer:  He has linked himself.

Some more questions were answered laconically - "I cannot provide details".

Summary: The defence attorney explained that the detainee admits having written  to friends in an online chat about his plans, and that the accusation is based on this. But he only wrote it as a joke, he maintained.

The judge commented that on such an important issue, there is no place for jokes.

Decision: Justice Barak concluded, and among others, wrote that there is evidence for the charges against the detainee, and a further investigation is justified. But for the sake of judicial oversight, he is granting 11 more days for the investigation - not the 15 which the police sought.


Third case:Represented by Attorney Firas Sabah.

The suspect was arrested on 6.5.12.

The police asked for 8 more days.

The defence attorney had no questions and summed up immediately: the detainee should be released. He is charged with an offence that today is indeed punishable, but when it was performed, membership in Hamas was not prohibited.

However, according to the confidential report there are new suspicions, and therefore the judge is granting an extension of remand.