Hamra (Beqaot), Ma'ale Efrayim, Tayasir

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Ruthie Ristik and F'tachya (reporting), Translator Dvora K.

12:30 We arrived at the deserted Palestinian outpost. We decided to get there after I read in the paper that at night, the young people tried to return and  rebuild the village as soon as they arrived. Soldiers attacked them, beat them up and took 12  fellows to prison. Nobody knows where they were taken. When we arrived, there were groups of people here and there. The place was deserted and we couldn't enter. We talked to a few people who worked nearby and they confirmed the above facts, and still did not know where the prisoners were taken.

We went back in the opposite direction and we went on to the Hamra CP. Twelve vehicles were waiting. The inspection was relatively quick.


14:30 Hallat Makhul: As soon as they saw us, they - mostly the children - ran up to us. All of them were barefoot. In their eyes there was hope. The grabbed the bags from the car and grabbed shoes from one another as they began to try on the shoes that we brought for size. They grabbed the toys - incredible, there were tears in my eyes. We had three blankets made of sheep's wool. We gave them one blanket. The older people asked us to bring them whole (high) work shoes (44-55).


We continued to the Tyasir CP. Traffic was thin, only a few vehicles went through the CP. We waited for about a quarter of an hour in the magnificent pastoral landscape and we returned. When we passed near the encampments, we saw again the heartbreaking pictures of little children who ran down to us  from the hill. They know that only the civilian vehicles of the peace movements go by there and they hoped to get something. They got to the road and did not wait for us to take down the bags. They fell upon the few things we brought them and began to quarrel over them. A boy, of about six, dragged a heavy blanket on his shoulders and went down to the wadi at a run. It was a pity that we did not have some more blankets. We promised that we would come back and bring them some. 

16:30 Ma'aleh Ephraim - manned. A long queue of vehicles on both sides, and only three soldiers did the job.

17:00 The gate of Kifle Hars was closed and people were forced to bend down and go  under it in order to leave or to enter.