'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Lea R and Anna N.S. (reporting), Translator: Devorah K



06:05 A'anin - Agricultural CP

The soldiers open the gate at the center of the CP. In the meantime they are passing the time, chatting very loudly so that we can hear them. The white vehicle of the DCO officer is here, parked near two Hummers. One of them, at least, was idling the whole time we were at the CP.


06:18 Only now do we see the first tractor emerging. The rest of them emerge immediately after it. The tractor drivers say that there are about sixty or seventy people waiting. 


06:25 The first pedestrian emerges. The soldiers note those going through on a sheet of paper. In the afternoon they would note who has returned. Anybody who does not return through this CP this afternoon would lose his permit and would not be able to go through again until he manages to get a new one.


We see the soldiers surround a couple of young men. The soldiers are not in a hurry. They inspect them slowly and in the end  let them go through or make them return to A'anin. As we have said, anyone whose name is not checked to show that he has returned in the afternoon through this CP is turned back to the village. These two do not deny the accusation, but they claim that they have returned through another CP, Reihan. The explanation is not accepted. They must return only through this CP and if not they are considered illegal sojourners in the seamline zone.


06:40 The passage is slow and nerve-wracking. So far only 12 people have gone through apart from the tractors. A few dozen people are waiting. From time to time, some people are sent back to the village.

06:55 a few dozen more workers are waiting. We are on the way to the Tura CP.


07:05 Tura CP ('Shaked')

Two taxis are parked in front of the CP; the drivers are being inspected. The sleeveinfo-icon is open; soldiers are now opening the CP gate on the side of the Palestinian village of Tura. In another minute passage from the side of the West Bank will begin. In the meantime, children from the Isolated House go through on their way to school. A young boy goes through in the direction of the West Bank in a wagon drawn by a donkey, loaded with cardboard boxes. The drivers return and drive their vehicles to the center of the CP for inspection.


The first of those going through from the West Bank to the seamline zone emerges. He says that they are admitting people to the inspection area in fives, despite the fierce cold outside. Others come out in his wake, almost one after another. From  the village near the CP pupils come up on their way to school in Tura. A big sister holds the hand of her younger sister and keeps her away from us. Those little ones are very hostile toward us and it is not hard for us to understand why.


07:35 New Barta'a CP (Reihan)

There is no pressure. Most of the workers that arrive from the West Bank have already gone through the CP and they are waiting for their rides to their places of work in the seamline zone, especially in Barta'a. In the meantime they pass the time chatting over cigarettes and coffee. A few trucks are parked on the road. Palestinian cars going east to the West Bank cross the CP without delay. Everything looks well organized. The people also seem to be calm and accept the occupation without opposition. Sometimes, when we ask questions, they answer in one or two forceful sentences that express repressed pain.


08:00 We left.