'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, 'Izbet alTabib, Deir Sharaf, Habla, Jit Junction , Shave Shomron

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Rahel A., Nina S.(reporting), Translator: Ayala




'Azzun 'Atma. The routine of Occupation: Many military vehicles on observation missions; only one bus passed through to school at Habla, coming from the Bedouin area in the seam-zone – boys and girls in the same bus – usually boy and girls come  separately in two buses. Six "coffee boys" at the CP. The wall enclosing the village seems to be rapidly extending and will soon block the road  the broken-open gate Tamar.

06:20: There are lots of people outside but only a few of them are in line. The (girl)officer at the gate unsuccessfully attempted to shoo us away – we suggested she call the police. Instead, she had four soldiers trying to get rid of us – again, without success. One person was called back after he had already passed the check-up.

06:45: The lines dissolved.

07:00: Habla: Many have already crossed through and about 30 are still on line. Passage is  relatively fast

07:30: One school bus crossing from 'Arb-e-Ramedin (the seam zone) to Habla – was checked by the military – why?- Carts full of saplings etc. cross over to the seam zone and back – no one checks these full carts. At the CP gateway a solitary soldier often questions the people passing through, although they had already undergone a check-up including that of their documents.

07:42:  Some 30 people are still on line and in vehicles . Pedestrians are led into the CP area before it closes at 07:55. All passed through.

At Sha'ar Eliyahu – cars are being inspected, there are no pedestrians. Izbet Tabib and 'Azzun are open, at the entrance to 'Azzun an army vehicle was watching the area. There was another army vehicle at the entrance to Sara, at the junction of Road 60 and another at Road 557 . Shave Shomron CP was open and we were told that there were no difficulties at Deir Sharaf.