Ofer - Acquittal, Incitement

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Hava Halevi, Hagit Shlonsky (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


We came to hear the sentencing in the case of Muhammad Amira whose trial has been dragging on for a year and a half [see Norah’s report from 14.5.11]

Muhammad Amira is released on bail and came from his home in Ni’alin. We entered the court compound at the same time and had a chance to talk with him for an hour while we were waiting together, nervously, for the courtroom door to open. It turned out that all this while the judge, Major Amir Dahan was trying to convince the prosecution to retract the indictment. At three PM the answer came that the prosecution had rejected the judge’s offer.

We entered the court. The judge said that he had decided to acquit the defendant from all charges (sedition, supporting a hostile organization, preventing soldiers from carrying out their duty). The judge read his decision, which included a very detailed summation of the trial: the testimonies, the prosecution’s arguments and the defense’s replies. All this made clear that the prosecution was unable to prove Amira’s guilt.

Since the session had already taken so long, the judge decided to defer reading the rest of the arguments to next week. He asked defense, Atty. Nery Ramati (to whom he gave well deserved compliments) to submit in writing Amira’s petition for compensation. We will write a full report once the judge completes reading his decision and we have received the protocol. The legal procedure was not completed today. The prosecution will presumably appeal the acquittal. This case may drag on and on, and there’s no knowing how it will end. But today we had a little taste of justice, something quite rare in this place these days.