Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Ruchele Hiot Translation: Shelly K.

14:00 Bezek Checkpoint - we Passed


14:40 An army vehicle leaves el Farsiya. An open army vehicle (jeep) flipped over on one of the road’s curves. The vehicle lays across the road, overturned. Unknown whether or not anyone is injured. On the road going up to Tayasir Checkpoint we left bags of clothes, shoes and blankets that we collected at Kibbutz Ginegar.


14:30 Tayasir Checkpoint

Happy to report that the soldiers greeted us rather indifferently, no confrontation today. The soldier at the road position asked that we do not pass beyond this point and that’s all. Vehicles pass in both directions from side to side. Traffic is slight.  Combat exercises are heard and seen – rounds of gunshots, silvery tents in the wadis, in places we are familiar with. An army vehicle passes through the checkpoint and continues to Area A, prohibited entry for Israelis. At 14:50 we left.

In the orchards of the settlements Royee and Beqaot the vines are blooming (So who has abundant water? Who profits from the occupation?)


15:25 Hamra Checkpoint

11 vehicles are waiting to cross from east to west (toward Nablus). They are thoroughly searched. For the first time we saw a Palestinians motor scooter pass through the checkpoint. Not before it is checked thoroughly in all directions. Two soldiers approach to move us back. We did not move despite the gun pointed at us… We insisted that this is our usual vantage point. They informed us that it is forbidden to photograph “army territory” and with this declaration the confrontation ended and they returned to inspect vehicles.

15:45  We left


We visited the village of Halt Makhul and left clothes and blankets for two families.


16:40 On the road there is a long line of army vehicles due to the overturned vehicle.

16:50 Bezek Checkpoint


It was hot. There was still vegetation for the flocks on the hillsides. The valley is beginning to lose its green color and except for the known occupation scene -  the view was splendid.