Ofer - Stone Throwing, Health Problems

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Haya Ofek, Hava Halevi (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


The never-ending trial of Malek Alalame


Judge: Major Amir Dahan

Defense: Ibrahim Alaraj

Prosecutor: ?


We came to hear the judge’s decision in the case of Malek Alame (see earlier report in this case), naively hoping to witness his release. We were disappointed on both counts.

A reminder: the previous hearing two weeks ago ended with the judge asking both sides to submit their arguments in writing. He said he would consider their comments as if they were delivered in court and hand down his decision. So what happened? Nothing; there was no summations on either side. Apparently the prosecution and the defense did not have enough time.

Attorney Haled Alaraj did not show up. Another attorney, Ibrahim Alaraj, took his place, saying that Haled was unwell and requesting a postponement for next week. The prosecution was represented by a young (female) lawyer, whom we had never seen before. No arguments were submitted. It’s a pity, said the judge, but “in order not to vitiate the defendant’s (Malek) defense” the judge is willing to once more postpone the concluding hearing, which was then set for this coming Monday, 12.11.12.

In his halting, stuttering way, Malek asked the court to transfer him back to Ofer Prison. The judge said, “I have already asked twice to comply with your request, but this decision is not up to me: it is in the hands of the Prison Commander (in either Ofer or Megiddo, I’m not sure which).


Imagine what would have happened if the attorney had requested to release Malek on bail until the end of the trial? Even a military prosecutor realizes that Malek is not going to run away, but such a request was not made.

How depressing.