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Raya, Ronit, Nina (reporting); Charles (trans)

A visit to the village.


The Palestinian town was bustling when we visited.  Many cars were on the streets, many people walking along the sidewalks and entering the stores.  The buildings seem to be well-built and well-maintained.


Conditions here are in sharp contrast to other places we’ve visited, whose distress and poverty are undeniable.  We stopped for a bite at “The King of Falafel,” a small restaurant.  The owners and customers welcomed us, surprised and pleased at our visit.  They had many questions about our badge and Machsom Watch.


We met the owner of a new minimarket that opened recently, proud and happy to show us his new business.  M., our driver, Raya and Ronit know him.  His grocery is opposite Azzam’s metal shop; they were very glad to see each other.


Nothing unusual occurred.  The atmosphere throughout our shift was positive, optimistic.  Everything seemed so simple, so natural… why, then, is the dream/peace only receding?