'Anabta, Falamiya, Kufr Jammal

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Natalie Cohen, Naomi Ben-Zur, Nadim driving, Translator: Prof. Maya Bar-Hillel

      Falamya CP, Kufr Jammal, Beit Lid, 'Anabta CP, 

. At its side are some other buildings
      with large glass windows in the front.under construction It will apparently become a

      restaurant or a wedding hall. 
      09:45 Jayyus.  The village is quiet, hardly anyone outside.  Not even
      the army.  From there we go to Falamya CP.  The gate is locked. Three soldiers
      are inside;  one approaches us and greets us
      pleasantly.  "The CP opens at 07:00 and stays open all day".  So why
      is it closed now?  "They are throwing stones in Jayyus".  "We were
      just there", we say, "and it was quiet".  Here the girl-soldier
      intervenes, in a provoking tone we are familar with. "Where do you
      live?", she asks.  "In Tel Aviv.  Where did you think?".  "Over
      there", she points to the Palestinian village.  Ha ha

 10:15  KufrJammal. A group of people are huddled in a small store.  They say the
      village is living its quiet life.  Last night soldiers entered, but
      then just left.  They attribute the quiet to the neighboring
      settlement, Sal'it, whose residents leave them alone.  This kind of
      reality, rare in the West Bank, also exists in Jurish.  They too
      enjoy relative quiet because their neighboring settlement, Migdalim,
      do not harass them. It is sad to realize again how dependent the
      Palestinians are on the good will (in these few cases) or bad (more
      frequent) of their neighbors the occupiers.  How do the villagers
      make their living?  Those with permits leave at 03:00 to Qalqilya,
      hoping to pass Eyal CP in time for work. Others, with plots of
      vegetables and herbs, have permits to reach their land daily through
      Falamya CP.  Olive harvesting, on the other hand, is limited to one
      month a year.
      As we exit Kufr Jammal, we see Sal'it on the neighboring hill.  It
      is expanding:  we see 5 buildings under construction on the hillside.
       Who, exactly, owns the land on which these nice and not harassing
      neighbors  are building?
      11:00  Beit Lid.  At this time of day the stores are closed, and no
      people are outside.  But there's a new school in town, in the center
      of which is a fine basketball yard.  Next to it there is a decorated
      building for parties and weddings.  Modest signs of relative
      11:15  'Anabta (Einav) CP.  Open.  Cars go back and forth unhindered.
       We do a u-turn, three miltary policewomen ignore us.
      12:00 Back to Rosh Ha'Ayin