Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

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Tsvia Shapira (reporting), Edna Sela (new member) ,Translator: Charles K.



We reached Irtah at 03:55.

The revolving gatesinfo-icon opened at 04:02.

They remained opened longer than on previous visits; fewer laborers entered compared to past weeks.  We were told that during the summer more laborers remain overnight in Israel if they have appropriate permits rather than returning to their homes in Palestine. 


As we left the facility a number of laborers asked us whether Sylvia could help family members obtain entry permits to Israel, and whether she could help regarding police blacklisting and fines.  We gave them Haya Ofek’s phone number.  One of the laborers said Haya had been very helpful.


It’s important we go to the crossing even if we “don’t change the world” by coming there.  The laborers appreciate our presence.


At 05:40 only a few laborers remained in line at the crossing.


05:50  We left.