Haris, Huwwara, Jama'in, Kifl Harith, Qira, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Natalie C., Rachel A., Naomi B.,( in Nadin’s car), Reporters : Rachel (the patrol), Naomi (the English lesson)


09.00  We left the Rosh Ha’ayin railway station


09.30   Haris.  After some unwelcome gaps in the continuity of the lessons,

there is now renewed motivation.  All (!) the women had done their

homework, and presented them with pleasure.  Indeed, most of them

had done their work well, almost without mistakes.  Also their reading skills   were surprising: almost all of them read with no problem, some of them  even fluently.  Very satisfying . . . .


This time we worked a lot on grammar: the present tense of verb families.  The text was about daily routine; we also rehearsed the numbers, both in their male and female forms. We reached a million, almost without short-cuts.


The patrol :

We travelled through the villages of Kifl Haris, Kira, and Jamein.  The region was very quiet, almost without any army presence, but it was obvious that the quiet was misleading, and it wasn’t  clear what it concealed.  In the area of the villages there were no soldiers to be seen, except for a hitch-hiking soldier - a settler.


The children were already on holiday and were running around in the streets- a real danger on roads without pavements.. There was some lively commercial activity in Jamein.


10.10  Huwwara.  Here also it was quiet with no sign of the army.  Nadim chatted

           with the owner of a garage about the young fellow, a citizen of the village,

           who was shot and killed the previous week.  There were conflicting rumors

           whether he did or didn’t have a pistol in his hand when he was killed. The

           results of the investigation were awaited and  in Huwwara they were also . waiting


We noticed a settler in the garage who had come to have his car repaired (he had the classic look of a settler, and walked around as if it was his own house).  A lone army vehicle was parked at the Huwwara cross-roads.


10.40  The Tapuach junction.  There are soldiers next to the watch-tower and on

            both sides of the road, but there is no special activity or traffic.


11.00  Return to Haris


11:30 Return to Rosh Ha-ayin