Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Conditions of Detention

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound 


Judge: Avri Einhorn

Police investigator: Omri Aweideh

Attorneys: Firas Sabbah, Judd Kadmani, Fadi Qawasmeh


7 cases in the docket.


It was very difficult to get clear information this morning: the court where the proceedings were held was a very small one. There were many people who were talking throughout the deliberations - which bothered us, but apparently did not bother Justice Einhorn.


The judge did not read out his decisions, and so apart from a summary that he passed to the detainee concerning the number of days of detention that he had decided to add, we do not know the grounds on which he made his decision, and neither did the prisoner know, as hardly anything was translated to him. Some of the conversations between the detainee and his lawyer were conducted out loud in Arabic. Perhaps the judge knows Arabic and didn't need things to be translated.


We were present at five remand extensions. Agreement was reached regarding the remaining two detaineesinfo-icon and it was decided to transfer their files to the prosecution.


Ahmed Atta Ibrahim Alharimi, ID 937721736

Defence: Fadi Qawasmeh


Ahmed was arrested, released on bail and was then rearrested after being incriminated for throwing a Molotov cocktail. He was arrested again before the family could fulfil a court requirement to pay the guarantee [fortunately for the family].


The Police investigator requested another 11 days of interrogation, but agreed to 8, considering that Ahmed was already detained for another case. Agreement was reached on 8 days.


Sami Yusuf Mahmoud Abu Arkoub, ID 907546949

Defence: Firas Sabbah

Qadri Jamil Rabia Alduek, ID 902754084

Defence: Firas Sabbah

(See earlier report on their cases)


The investigator requested 11 days.


The two were arrested and sentenced to 9 years. They are now being investigated for the same offence.


The investigator maintained that progress was being made in the investigation. He answered all the questions the defence counsel asked with: "I refer you to the confidential file."


From the defence counsel's summary we learned that the purpose of detention is to get the names of those involved - the partners of the two detainees. But they have no information that they can provide to the investigator: the incident occurred in 2010.


This is the fifth extension of the detainees' remand. The defence attorney claimed that his clients realize they are being held hostages until they incriminate others. He tried hard to explain the feeling of detainees who had been tried for this case three years previously.


The judge's decision: After studying the case he realized that further investigation was justified, and extended remand by another 8 days for both detainees.


Nader Ibrahim Mohammad Jubran, ID 904093853


Defence attorney: Fadi Qawasmeh


A resident of Bethlehem. Suspected of providing services to Hamas.


The investigator requested another 11 days.


The parties agreed to 8 days.


Iyad Jamal Iyad Alharimi, ID 853706349


Defence attorney: Judd Kadmani


The investigator requested another 15 days for investigation, and announced he would be willing to reduce it to 11. The defence attorney requested 8.

They were unable to agree.


After a few questions, the defence concluded: We are opposed to the request by the police. The respondent has cooperated, and has said all he has to say. He asked the court to reduce the number of days of investigation significantly.


For two days, the detainee was strapped to a bed. Although he is in pain and manages to cope with the conditions of detention, it is very difficult for him. The prison conditions are unreasonable. The defence attorney replied that the prisoner was strapped to a bed for two days. He suffers from shortness of breath, probably because he is under terrible pressure.


The distinguished Judge interjected: "From what I see, he is not suffering from shortness of breath ....".


Decision of the judge:  He heard the parties and the suspect and finds it justified to continue the investigation for another 8 days.