Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL

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Netanya Ginsburg and Hannah BAR”G (reporting), Naomi Gal translating


We went to see if there is Holiday traffic (Ramadan) at the checkpoint. While we were there only about 50 people passed, most of them to work. We did not meet people passing for customary family celebrations during Ramadan and it felt very sad.

10:00 Etzion DCO: the place is empty. Two boys were summoned by GSS (last night at 1:30 am GSS messengers arrived at their home to summon them to DCO. Very urgent during the holidays!). They sat at DCO and waited and waited. Although we tried our best and called different people, we felt that they would still be waiting for a very long time. 
One guy, who is married to a woman with an Israeli ID card, showed us a letter from an attorney from Karni Shomron settlement, that made ​​clear that his security prevention was removed and he can enter Israel, but he must first of all report for a hearing at GSS. We read the letter time and again until we realized, "Where's the rub." We called on his behalf and were able to help him. We expressed to him our surprise as to why he did not call a lawyer - but we didn’t wait for his answer. He claimed that we already helped him in the past, "I met you here", he said, but apparently he met Silvia.

What would have happened to him had we not been there by chance?