Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham



We crossed the Bezek Checkpoint at 12:10.

We have not seen the red signs warning against entering Area A at the entrances to villages such as Bardala or Ein al Bida for a long time.  We see the fields being prepared for autumn and winter crops, new greenhouses and soil sterilization.  The sides of the road leading up to the Tayasir Checkpoint have been repaired.  The road itself is still in bad condition.  The tent camp at Hamam al Ma'alikh is still empty, and cows are wandering about the area.


12:15 – Tayasir Checkpoint

We saw a new sign that read: "Be sure not to enter areas under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority."  Palestinian forces are operating in the area.  At first we thought this meant the area was designated as Area A, but this was not the case.  The soldier who approached us offered us a bottle of cold water, which was a nice way of receiving us.   Another soldier asked that we not photograph him.  There is very little traffic of trucks, vans, and taxis.  The soldiers are checking ID cards.  Soldiers from the Kfir Brigade arrived two days ago and are not yet aware of the hours of heavy traffic when people are going to work and afterwards.  We left at 13:00.


13:20 – Halt Makhul

The road to Halt Makhul is also being repaved, undoubtedly due to the fact that it is close to the Kfir training base and the settlement of Hemdat.  We drove in for a visit following a phone call to Y. and B.  We sat under a tree and asked about the Court's decision, about the flocks and livelihood.   Apparently the children were taken on a trip to Acco.  Perhaps we have read about this in previous reports and forgotten.   


13:55 – Hamra Checkpoint

A convoy of 14 vans, trucks, and taxis arrived from the east.  People wave to us in greeting.  It is very hot.  Vehicles and IDs are being checked, but despite this the line moves forward.   By 14:15 there was no one on road. The soldier who approached us only asked who we were and returned to his business.   A car with Israeli license plates drove up from the west, the direction of Area A, which is forbidden for Israelis to enter.  We left at 14:25.


15:10 – Bezek Checkpoint

Israeli flags have been placed on the side of the road approaching the checkpoint.  We were checked and then released. We stopped at the side of the road to take a picture of the row of flags, and immediately five of the checkpoint workers pounced upon us.  Each of them wore a different uniform.  One demanded that I get out and give him my telephone.  Another was angry that we stopped on the side of the road and claimed that it was forbidden to photograph.  Another said something about the notebook that he saw in the car.  Still another, who was evidently in charge, was calmer and let us continue on our way after we told them where we had been that day.