Ofer - Stone Throwing, Shooting

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Norah Orlow (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Courtroom 4

Judge: Major Meir Vigisser


The list of cases I requested from the court contained almost cases, comprising of:


-16 illegal entries into Israel– those leaving the territory without permit

- 6 users of fake documents

- 7 accused of membership and activity in an unlawful organization – or holding a

  position or providing services to such organizations,

- 9 rock throwers or manufacturers/throwers of incendiary objects

- 8 vehicular violations

- 6 attacking a soldier or disturbing the peace (for the most part during an

  unauthorized demonstration)

- 14 property violations

- 1 shooting at a person

- 1 possessing and trading in combat materiel

- 1 some kind of disturbance and 6 various criminal activities.


The two cases I describe below belong to the category “disturbing the public peace”.


Military prosecutor: Officer Adiel Shulhani

Defense: Atty. Nery Ramati


Fares Faruk Fares Bader,ID 852271253–Case 2629/11


Fares is a resident of a village near Ramallah. He is released on bail.

Charge: In 2011 Fares took part in an “unlawful” demonstration outside Ofer Prison [Note that permits for demonstrations and rallies are never given in the Occupied Territories].

From the judge’s description: “…during the march, he struck the fence… and climbed on the barbed wire trying to hang a flag and pictures. He caused damage to the fence.”

In sentencing, the judge acceded to the defense’s request to hand down only a suspended sentence, but declined to forgo the fine “for such an insignificant violation”.

The judge’s argument for leniency: “lack of details regarding the damage, the young age of the accused and his clean record… no additional aggravating circumstances… and the fact that the violation happened more than two years ago.”

Penalty: one month suspended sentence and a 200-shekel fine.


Abdullah Mahmoud Muhammad Abu-Rahma,ID 997446703 –Case 4512/12

A resident of Bil’in

[See earlier cases against Abdullah Abu-Rahma- also].

He is released on bail.

Charge: Engagement in public disturbance.


Abu-Rahma, too, took part in an unlawful demonstration outside Ofer Prison.

Two months ago the defense requested the investigation report, but the prosecution has not yet responded; it requested a week’s extension.

Thus, the hearing of the case was postponed to 8.7.13 at 13:30.


An example of a case from the category “property violations”:


Alaa Ribhi Hassan Abu Alohua,ID 9968900091 –Case 4738/12

The accused is 40 years old, father of 4

[I don’t remember the attorney’s name]


He is accused of stealing 20 aluminum sheets from a plant in Mishor Adumim.

Sentence: 3 months suspended sentence and a 500 shekel fine.