Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Holding and trading of combat materiel

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Norah Orlow, Tova Szeintuch


Translation: Marganit W.


Russian Compound   


Judge: Lieut.-Col. Menahem Lieberman

Police Investigator: Omri Awida

Defense: Atty. Firas Sabah, Tarek Bargout


There were two cases in the docket.


Maed Kamal Abd-el Fatah Hanoun – ID 852274273


The Investigator requested an 11-day remand to complete the investigation.


Allegations: membership and activity in Hamas (defined as “unlawful organization”) and participation in ’popular terrorism’. The latter is a new phrase apparently replacing what used to be knows as “activity against security in the region”. The word “terrorism” immediately upgrades the charge to something more serious and threatening. Presumably, it upgrades the penalty too, or provides grounds for the existing severe punishment system. “Throwing rocks” may also be defined as “popular terrorism”, as we discovered in the case which was debated..


Atty. Sabah proceeded to the summation without posing any questions to the investigator. The detainee accepted the first charges: throwing stones and being a member of Hamas. He tied himself to the alleged incidents.

There were no other charges against him, so the defense objected to the requested long remand. He suggested 4 more days and transferring the case to the military prosecution. He also stated that the suspect suffers from various medical conditions and that the medications given to him were not helpful. He requested an examination by a doctor who will refer the detainee to a hospital.

The judge said that this information was included in the file. Atty. Bargout added that the detainee claimed that during the interrogation he was not allowed to go to the bathroom for a lengthy period, which exacerbated his condition.

The Judge’s Decision: The detainee has been in detention from 9.5.13 under security investigation. There is evidence tying him to the charges.

The judge decided on an extension of 8 additional days and ordered a medical examination.


Mahmoud Muhammad Mahmoud Rabbiya – ID 854765963


The Police Investigator requested an 8-day remand to complete the investigation.

Allegations: activity against security in the region, possession of arms, manufacturing and throwing explosive charges at army forces and participation in “popular terrorism”.

After a few questions, the defense concluded: the detainee cooperates fully with the investigation: further detaining him by the Shabak [GSS] is unnecessary. Remand extension should not exceed 8 days, and then the case should go to the Prosecution.


Judge: ”From the report of the charges against the detainee… I deduce that he tied himself to serious violations against security in the region….” However, regarding one count in the investigation, certain steps could have been taken right after the suspect had given a statement on 13.5.13; thus, the judge concluded, “ I see no reason why this has not been done until now. Those actions require only a few days to complete, hence: remand extension for 4 days.