Hashmonaim (Ni'ilin), Makkabim (Beit Sira)

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Michal H, Roni G (reporting), Naomi (guest). Maya (Translator)


Makkabim Ni'lin CPs
05:30  Ni'lin CP:  There is a lot of activity in the parking lot.  Cars await the laborers, who exit in a steady stream from the carousels.  One person greets us with a Good Morning, and says things went well this morning, and he passed fairly quickly.  He told of extra checking booths, which faciliated passage.  Another person joins, and confirms.
We ascend towards the vehicle passageway, buying pitas and fresh falafel on the way, and meet one of the team, a guide.  He takes us to the vehicle checking point, which is quite vacant.  A few drivers pass through the magnometer, showing their documents.  The guide praises the strwas used for checking cars swiftly and efficiently.  Later he notes the CPs director's willingness to allow humanitarian pedestrians to pass through the vehicle passageway to ease their way, since there is no pedestrain passageway for such cases.  He, too, confirms that 4 booths checking work permits have recently been added, relieving a previous bottleneck.  The last two are still under a pilot test and don't operate when we approach. The last 6 are crowded.  Irrespective, one laborer must return, because he lacks the work permit.  Apparently his employer did not have it extended. Because of the crowding, or guide requests that the last 2 booths be opened.

06:40  Makkabim CP.  We arrived after rush hour, and the remaining pedestrians trickle through to another day of work.  But at the vehicle passageway there is a serious jam.  A long line of trucks, with no end in sight.  We pass a soldier and she asks if she can help.  She is friendly, and warns us of the danger in approaching all those Palestininas.  The bridge meant to allow those coming from the village Sira approach safely does the job.  What  is an eyesore is the descent from the bridge, and the passage to the CP, along which two tall fences have been erected, between which the people must walk.  To pass from the vehicle passageway into the pedestrian passageway we had to use acrobatics to overcome the fence.