Hebron, Tarqumiya

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Raya, Nina, Hagit S.-S.; Translator: Charles K.


After a long hiatus because of the war in Gaza we went out again, wondering how things will look now.


Tarqumiyya, Highway 60 – grapes and figs in the stands on the road.

Shayukh crossing – Hebron and Sayukh-Sa’ir gatesinfo-icon are open.



Today the car is loaded with many bags of clothing and toys, but since Fadel, from Umm Faqra isn’t home we drove to Hebron to meet our friend and see what Giv’at Avihai looks like – we again see at least two structures.


Near Curve 160 construction continues on the buildings which had been in ruins for years.


Soldiers on guard at Beit Hameriva.


Cave of the Patriarchs:  Pretty quiet, few people and almost no tourists – which is what ‘Abed also reports.

Suddenly Ofer Ohana appears with some tourists, they crowd against our car and begin to argue – including clichéd accusations against Machsom Watch (we aid the Arabs, photograph soldiers, didn’t travel to support the residents of the localities near Gaza, etc.)

Raya responds very well and the “discussion” concludes when Ofer utters another cliché – “We’re elevated above all nations.”  And we’re on our way for a short visit to Azzam and the adjoining grocery store. 

Everyone, everywhere is affable and welcoming as before, as if nothing had happened…


We gave the bags of clothing to a woman whose home adjoins the fence of the mobile home neighborhood on the hilltop.



At about 5 PM the laborers returning from work flow through the Tarqumiyya crossing with no delays.