'Anabta, 'Azzun, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Fathhiya A. reporting, guest. Translator: Charles K.


Because it was important to me to go on this shift but had no partner, I asked a friend to accompany me.


13:45  Habla.  They started closing the gatesinfo-icon at 13:53, seven minutes too early, and at 14:00 the soldiers had already left.


13:50  ‘Azzun.  Soldiers standing beside a jeep at the entrance to the village.


14:35  Za’tara/Tapuach checkpoint.  Manned; not many cars.


15:00  Burin/Yitzhar.  After reading in Al Ittihad Wednesday about what had happened in Burin I spoke to Munir who met me and told me what had occurred.


Tuesday, 23.9, at 6 AM, the soldiers closed all the entrances to the village, including dirt roads, preventing laborers from going to work and teachers from reaching their schools.  The blockade was lifted only at midnight.

Two youths from the village arrived in a vehicle at the main entrance to the village, on their way home.  The soldiers didn’t allow them to enter.  The youths argued with the soldiers who then handcuffed and blindfolded them and sat them on the ground facing a wall.  They searched the car.  A friend of theirs happened by, saw the vehicle by the roadside and telephoned his brother.

The brother and another person asked the soldiers for the car keys so they could bring it home.  The soldier gave him the keys.  When he bent to open the door another soldier hit him hard in the back with his rifle barrel.  Instinctively he turned and pushed the soldier.  Then four soldiers jumped him, began beating and cursing him and his friend.  They were also detained.  A soldier told them to lift their arms and spread their legs.  He fired at one who argued with him at point blank range between the legs.  The bullet penetrated his leg and exited the other side.  They didn’t let him sit, until he collapsed.  A military ambulance arrived; a soldier emerged and bandaged the wound.  Then a Palestinian ambulance arrived and took him to hospital in Nablus.  He’s still hospitalized.


One of the other detaineesinfo-icon had a broken jaw from being beaten.  They were taken to the base at Huwwara and released after three hours as a result of Chana Barg’s intervention.  The family of the hospitalized man wasn’t allowed out of the village to visit him.


Their names:  Nasser Mansour, aged 22; Muntaser Mansour, aged 25; Baha’a Amaran, aged 19.


17:25  Huwwara checkpoint, Beit Furiq.  No soldiers



When we were at the Habla gate I received a call from Deir Al Ghusun, agricultural gate 636, complaining that it has opened very late in the afternoon – at 17:00 instead of 13:30 – for a number of days.  Men, women and children who were to have returned home in the afternoon are stuck at the gate in the heat without water or food.  I telephoned the DCL; they said they’re aware of the matter and are dealing with it.