'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah), Zeta

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Estie W. Navah A. observing & reporting. Natanya translating.

The routine of the occupation. Problems at Azzun Atma.

6.20 Azzun Atme.  Again there was a long and crowded line. The mixture of Kfir soldiers and military police is not a good one.  Many contractor’s cars wait on the road. One of them tried to make some kind of order and speaks from a long time with one of the women of the authorities. He threatens to speak to the brigade commander and with the commanding general and nothing helps. Only two posts with computers are working and even there the workers only go in small amounts.  Because of the pressure of those waiting the turnstiles get stuck all the time and the military police announce that there is an interval of the activities until they go back   (to where?).

Today not even the small coffee sellers are allowed to go past the gate.

At the parking lot a contractor waiting for his workers argues with us. He puts the entire blame on the Palestinians. He claims that there has to be building in the occupied territories for young people so that they have a place to live. When we suggested that there could be building in the Negev he called us Nazis. We phoned the DCO at Qalqiliya and complained about the pressure and that only two posts were working. They put us through to the captain of the passages. He sounded polite and was surprised at what he heard and said he would deal with it ….we hope that the situation will improve.

The Shomron crossing.  There are no police at the exit from Israel. When we passed near Zeita we saw a rolling checkpoint and soldiers were checking cars. Because of the narrowness of the road we could not turn around and decided to visit there on the way back.

7.10 Za’tara/Tapuach. The border police are not at the posts. On the fences are signs calling for people to come and help at one of the settlements.

At the entrance to Huwwara is a military vehicle.

Yitzhar/Burin. No army activity.

7.30 Beit Furik. The tower at the checkpoint is not manned.

7.35 Awarta. The yellow bar blocks the exit.

7.40 Huwwara CP  The tower is not manned and two air force soldiers guard the hitching point of the settlers.

Za’tara/Tapuach. The soldiers are still under the tower.

7.55 Zeita. Two white triangles show that there is a checkpoint and an army vehicle next to it. The soldiers say that there is a commotion in the village and therefore they are present there today. The veteran villagers stop at the sign and wait to be motioned forward and to continue.

The Shomron crossing. The traffic flows.