Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Jinsafut, Za'tara/Tapuach, Yanun, Zeta/Jama'in

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Shosh Bernstein and Fatthhiya Akfa reporting. Translator: Hanna K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?
Habla 13:00 – The gate is not yet open.  It was opened at 13:15.
Jinsafut 13:20 – a military jeep is parked at the entrance to the village.
Za'tara/Tapuah 13:45 – the CP is manned, there are soldiers at the station opposite the posts, in the towers and at the bus stations on the south side.
Yanun 14:05 – we arrived at a house in which the international volunteers stay. Our aim was to reach the house of Rashid, the representative of the village at the Aqraba municipality, who lives near the house of the volunteer, in order to hear from him whether new settlements were established on their land. (I read in the Alaythad newspaper that two settlements have been set up). He said that three months before lands had been confiscated from them on the east side of a closed military area, for training purposes. A month before they began expanding Itamar. A few days later, not far from the settlement 777, there is no name just numbers, they erected five caravans and built a road.  He also said that Yanun is surrounded by settlements, they are like in a prison, all their olive plantations are near the settlements and they cannot get to the olive picking unless they coordinate with the DCO. They were given protection for just one day and they managed just a little bit and the settlers to managed to pick a part and also to graze their herds in the olive groves, which caused a lot of damage to the trees.
85 percent of the lands of Yanun were confiscated for the settlements.
15:10 At the entrance to Zeita/Jama'in a military jeep was parked and soldiers stood next to it. 
Hares Junction – On the side of the road, at the traffic light, a military jeep was parked where the workers stand.
16:00 Azzun Atma – there were only two soldiers at the CP, there is no pressure yet, a soldiers passed to the Palestinian side of the CP to the market and asked the vendors to vacate the place. And when we asked why? He answered that these were new regulations and that they were hindering the traffic ?????? We argued with them and one of them shouted Yalla, Yalla, go away, you disturb us.