'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Susanne, Fathhiya A. (reporting). Hanna K. translating.


13:40 Habla – women entered and exited without problems. Opposite the plant nurseries on the main road two soldiers sat on a rock and observed the traffic.

14:30 Azzun – A border-police jeep stands under the trees at the entrance to the gate.

14:50 – Amilitary jeep stands on the Burin hill, on the side of the road opposite Yitzhar settlement.

15:00  HuwwaraA massive traffic of military vehicles. A military jeep stands on the main road. At the bus station, at the entrance to Har Beraha settlement there are four soldiers and a jeep full of soldiers. There is a soldier at the post near the CP.

On the way back we entered Burin and talked with Munir about the olive picking. They have not yet picked the olives in the areas next Yitzhar settlement, they need army protection and at the DCO they tell them they have no manpower, all the forces are directed to Jerusalem. He says that if it rains all the crop will be lost.

15:50 Za'tra/Tapuah – manned on both sides and in addition many soldiers stand on the traffic island. Another post has been added at the south side.

16:15 Azzun 'Atma – there was no pressure and the workmen entered by the gate which is intended for vehicles without being checked. When we asked they said there was not electricity…If only this could be forever. A hummer full of soldiers drove around the village and left by the gate.