'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Hanah H.


6:50 Anin checkpoint

A military vehicle with soldiers leaves the checkpoint, and the soldiers tell us they are planning to return in a short while. Schoolchildren are waiting under the shed for their


ride to Tura.


07:05 – The soldiers return and the checkpoint opens for business at 07:10.

About 50 people go through as well as 5 tractors. One tractor is delayed for a rather long time and at the end is sent back. As it turns out some of the olive grove owners employ workers from Um-el-Rihan during the harvest season and pay them with olive oil, but today soldiers are not allowing oil containers to be taken through (not even a single can) into the Seam Line zone.


We are told that not all olive grove owners had received the one-month agricultural passage permit. It appears that those who were late in applying for the permit had received a permit for only 8-15 days.


At the time we've reported of a resident of A'anin whose passage permit, from Tura,  has been confiscated because he arrived there with an Israeli vehicle. In the meantime he received a new permit, valid for three months.


8:00 – Shaked-Tura checkpoint

,People come out of the terminal through the sleeveinfo-icon and continue to the upper car park on their way to Barta'a and to the Shahak industrial zone.

Passage at this time of day is swift.