Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL

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Hannah A. Ronit D. (Reporting) Translation: Naomi Gal

Bethlehem Checkpoint

6:30 - Outside many people and cars, inside 6 windows are open. Not busy. When pressure was created a policeman came and let in people 40 and older through the gate between the windows, without checking the computer. M, ecumenical from Sweden, says that the Palestinian side is calm as well today. Perhaps it’s the weekend’s rain affect...

One of the people who were not allowed to pass tries to explain to the security guards and the policeman that he is supposed to have a permit on the computer. But they checked and didn’t find one. We wanted to help him but he says that he is not prevented. Eventually he had to go back. There were a few more like him, the policeman checked their permits, returned them and instructed them to contact the DCL. We didn’t hear what the problem was.

After 7 it had already emptied and some of the windows were closed. A soldier in window 4 yells all the time, fortunately not in the loudspeaker. When it emptied she and her friend open the window’s door and stuck their heads out. She refuses to let in those whose permit is for 8 ahead of time, although the place has emptied. Her friend says that they can let people in. At one point she greets us, and a young woman who is kind and gentle is revealed. We asked why she yells, she wanted to know who we are and what are our points of view.  She was surprised to hear that our children and grandchildren serve in the army. From her point of view there is no such thing as occupation, it’s all ours, we want peace and they don’t, etc., but she accepts in principle the idea of two states...

7:30 - we left.

Etzion DCL

We arrived around 8, just when it opened and people began to enter, according to a list they prepared in advance. The majority came to issue a magnetic card, which they will receive only from 12 onwards. But it’s safer to arrive early.

We met with the people who need our help to fill applications for prevention removal. Mainly we explained which documents they need to get, who to call, etc. We filled applications for prevention removal for two who came prepared with the required paperwork and they went in to submit them. On the other hand, someone who had a subpoena in Israel in a few days and came for a permit to enter Israel that day, and another person who had filed a request for prevention removal and came for an answer, were not allowed to enter. Only after we called DCL and spoke with D. they were let in.

We left toward 9.