Eyal Crossing, Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim)

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Edna Sela, Annelien K.(reporting and photo’s)

Irtah/Sha'ar Efraiym crossing -

4.55 The parking lot for the transits and taxi’s is still closed - it seems constructions or repairs are going on there – resulting in a chaos of cars on the road leading towards it. Why does this take over a month, as a road to a settlement can be built in a day?

5.02 The Terminal opens the turnstiles and the usual run to the magnometer starts. What we see and hear is the same as
reported 13/11, 9/11 and the weeks before this week: crowds, noise of cans, young workers climbing the fences to
jump the queue. (picture of Nurit Popper of 13/11/14)

5.07 The first laborers exit at the Israeli side, but as there are just three (!!) of the 14 checking-booths open, most workers are stuck inside for much longer. This is further emphasized by the noise we hear from the inside of the Terminal. Both fluorescent lights at the exit are broken down: darkness prevails.

5.35 One more checking booth is being opened. When the turnstile at the exit is closed for a few minutes the large crowd that gets stuck there is afterwards not being released by opening the extra gate as was assured to us, but has to find its way out by pushing through the turnstile one by one. Construction on the business-center is slowly progressing;

5.45 We return to the entrance side and see, what we did not notice before that the side-gate is not locked and to 


our astonishment that the electricity-box next to it is open! Also here carelessness/negligence?

5.50 The crowd has diminished greatly. Building of the new entrance: the ground is leveled and a concrete floor is poured.


 Eyal crossing

6.10 We inquired if Palestinians experienced any difficulties by the use of public transport but most workers claimed they did not have any problems. Only one worker said once when a bus-driver did not want to let him get on the bus, a policeman who was called to the scene told the driver he was acting against the law and forced him to take the Palestinian to Ariel as he requested.