Jaba (Lil), Qalandiya

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Ronnie H., Tamar F., Judith G. (translator)
"Is this the way to the secret service?"  a woman asked.  Just like that, to the "secret service".  Not to the offices, not to the DCO, not to the post office, to the "secret service"..  Because, as much they try to hide and launder and beautify, it remains filthy, black and obvious.
It is the "Secret Service".
But, it is also not easy to get to the secret service.  You have to overcome several metallic obstacles and you have to shout to the female soldier with whom you can't otherwise communicate because for several years already the intercom system has been disconnected.  So what else can one do than bang on the metal sheet fastened to the gate which is supposed to open for handicapped people?  (supposed to..)
The banging annoyed the female soldier who called the policeman who was also angry, "Who is banging?"  I raised my hand, I, and the policeman, a hero among the weak, punished the Palestinians.  "So, then no one will go through," he said, turning his back and disappearing.
His back certainly heard that this is not legal, what he did, and that he is a policeman who is disobeying the law.
Perhaps the policeman does not know the law, or perhaps he knows and makes fun of it, and perhaps he simply ignores both  the law and human beings.  Maybe because that is the way an angry policeman behaves.
Jaba checkpoint, which has for years mainly been serving dogs and canine trainers from the Oketz Unit for training practice on Palestinian vehicles has made a comeback.  Why?  Because, "There are warnings!  No, not a specific warning.  A week ago someone was killed.  The area is under alert."  The soldier explained the military rational for this, that the soldiers had returned to man these stations and to delay the traffic flowing toward highway #60.
And, on the opposite side, white and pretentious, like oozing pus, the settlement of Adam from which the murderer of Muhamad Abu Khedir set out.