'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

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Nura R., Hanna A., Hanna P. (reporting). Translator: Charles K.

‘Azzun ‘Atma


05:50 - 30 people on line.


At the entrance to the checkpoint we encountered a foreman who lives in Etz Efraim.  He came to pick up his workers who come from the Jenin area and take them to their workplaces.  Some have a long ride back north to Giv’at Haim.


A police officer came to the checkpoint with a cuffed worker.  He released him, returned his ID and transferred him to the soldiers at the checkpoint.  We asked and were told he was in Israel illegally and had been jailed for four days.


Hanson employees are returning after the night shift.  They used to enter without inspection; now the procedures have changed and they must be checked and therefore delay the line of those coming to work.


Chana A. began talking to one of the workers who exited the checkpoint.  He told her he’d studied translation for five years (he speaks four languages) at A-Najah University, but wasn’t able to find a job and works on the family’s land.  He plans to study for a doctorate in linguistics in San Francisco, where he has family.


A worker exiting the checkpoint hissed as he passed us, “Death is preferable to living like this.”


06:30  The line lengthened to 70-80 people.  They’re starting to push, shouts are heard.




06:50 No congestion.  People enter and are immediately inspected.  A minibus leaves with a group of teachers.


07:15 - A minibus arrives with pupils, the teacher and driver enter to be inspected.

Inspections are selective:  people familiar from the plant nurseries, in vehicles or on foot, are allowed to cross without being inspected.



‘Azzun -  A military jeep at the entrance to the village.