Nabi Ilyas

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Brenda G., Marcy G., Adam R., Dvorkah (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

Nabi Ilyas

About 20 children of various ages arrived for the activity.

At 10:00 the girls were already seated in Brenda’s classroom, ready to learn.  A lively, cheerful lesson, but serious, took place.  It’s easy to see the pupils and teacher are enjoying one another very much.


Adam worked in the next room with a group of boys of various ages.  What they had in common was that none knew how to read English, and Adam began by “warming them up” for a more structured lesson next time.  An older youth has joined the younger boys; he doesn’t know how to read or write English either.  When he left the class he was beaming; he said it was excellent.


Marcy worked with the boys in the basement auditorium.  Not all of them arrived this time, some had gone with their parents to the games fair in Qalqilya.  Marcy, as usual, prepares her lesson carefully, filled with wonderful educational games.  Most of the boys are interested in the class and enjoy it, but the two overactive boys also came again whose charm and enthusiasm is very disruptive to the lesson.  The club’s assistant director had promised to join the boys’ class and help but she was busy with other matters, which made it very hard to conduct the lesson as planned.

We’ll have to arrange with someone from the village to be present, like we do elsewhere.


When class ended Brenda went to visit S., the student who ordinarily helps with the lesson, who broke her leg a few days ago and couldn’t come to class.



At 11:45 we left for Tel Aviv.