'Azzun, 'Izbet alTabib, Eliyahu Crossing, Huwwara, Shomron Crossing, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Ana S., Aliyah S. reporting, Nadim, driving and translating

9:10:  We entered the territories through the Eliyahu Gate.

We drove through 'Izbet alTabib. We saw the tent where internationals stay and the small square near it where the people of the village hold demonstrations against the intention of the Civil Administration (the Israeli army) to erase the village.

We drove into Azzun through the roads that wind through the fields and wanted to go out to the main road, 55. The yellow metal gate was locked and completely blocked the exit to the main road. Mishmar Hagvul (Israeli Border Patrol) was guarding the gate. We asked the locals how long the gate had been locked and they said, "For three days, since Friday." We asked one of the soldiers why the gate was locked and for how long it would continue. He was polite but said that he didn't know either answer. A local man thought it might be for stone throwing by some youths. We had to go the long way to get to road 55 by the other exit.

Huwarra checkpoint, on the road into and out of Nablus was open. In the large empty parking lot by the checkpoint, there was a Brinks car standing at the far corner. A police car was standing by the traffic circle. We assumed it was there to insure the safety of the Brinks car.

We went through Awarta and bought a few things at the small grocery there. The grocer said that all was quiet in Awarta. In the town Huwarra business was going on as usual. Also, the falafel was tasty, as usual.

At Za'atra (Tapuach Junction) there was one private Palestinian vehicle in the center. The passengers had gotten out and were standing nearby, and the vehicle was being checked by soldiers.

We left through the Shomron Gate.