Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal


Etzion DCL 

When we arrived, eight cars were parked in the parking lot. The passengers were probably all let in since there was no one in the waiting hall except for a man summoned by the GSS and his two companions, relatives, who gave him a ride and waited with him. They told us the young man was imprisoned for 16 years in Israeli prisons having been  falsely  denunced, according to him. He was released 10 days ago. Last night, at 02:00 GSS messengers came to his house to summon him to a meeting in the morning. He arrived on time and since then he sits and waits. At 15:00 they let him in.

A youngster said he applied for a permit to travel to a hospital in Jerusalem and was told to come back a few days later. When he returned, they told him to bring medical records. He brought the documents and they told him to come today and get the permit. When he came today, they didn’t give him a permit. Officer Adva    did not explain why he didn’t get one. We advised him to file a new application.

Several GSS and police restricted people arrived. We gave them the phone numbers of Sylvia and Haya.