Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal




Etzion DCL 

      12:30 when we arrived an elderly man approached us and showed us a document that announces the extension of an expropriation - 60 acres of his land were expropriated "for security reasons". He said that first they uprooted trees on his property and then they confiscated it for “fence building". The fence was not built. The construction was not approved. But the land was not returned to him. Now he received a notice of the extension of the expropriation. We referred him to Hagit Ofran from Peace Now.

A young father whose daughter, three years old, has a serious disability, said that she was summoned for five days of hospitalization at Mukasad Hospital in East Jerusalem. He wants to accompany her, but because he is GSS restricted he needs a permit from GSS. The approval process may take a few days and he is concerned. After talking with him a soldier and an officer entered the waiting room to take care of a failed device. We had a pleasant conversation with them. We told them about the problem of the girl and her father and they promised to arrange entry permits for the sick child and her mother. They kept their promise. The girl and her escorts received an entry permit. 

A father, waiting for his 15-year-old son who was summoned to a meeting with GSS, said that a group of soldiers entered his home at 02:00. Their shoes were full of mud. The father said to the officer: "What would you say if I entered your house with all this mud?" The officer apparently was impressed by his words. He did not go into the girls’ bedroom and ordered the soldiers to leave the house.

A man came out and said that the policeman on duty told him he had to pay a fine to the police. He has no car and does not know what kind of fine he has to pay. We traveled with him to Alon Shvut so he could pay by mail, but the post office was closed. It will open tomorrow.

A young man who wanted a magnetic card was not let in. They told him to come back on Sunday. They remembered to tell him that the distribution of magnetic cards on Sunday begins at 12:00!