Etzion DCL

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. Shlomit S. Ora A.,Translation: Naomi Gal
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


11:30 many cars crowded in the parking lot. In the hall only a few youngsters who said they arrived at 08:00 to meet with the policeman but have not yet been allowed in. No one spoke to them and they do not know when they will be summoned in.   
We called the Humanitarian Center and asked why they are not allowed to meet with the policeman. The Center inquired and was told that the policeman will not be there today. We asked them to notify the waiting people. A few minutes later there was an announcement over the loudspeaker and the people, who were waiting for a few hours, had to go home and will have to come back again.

A man waiting outside told us that after being police restricted for a long time he was granted a permit to enter Israel. After a month the permit was taken away from him and he was told that he owed ​​money to the police. He wanted to find out during a meeting with the policeman how much he owes but they didn’t let him in. We went with him to the Alon Shvut post office to find out how much he owes and then pay there. The postal clerk checked and told him that he owes around NIS 2,400. The original fine was NIS 195 and accumulated to a little more than 300 NIS. In addition he has to pay about 2,000 shekels for a criminal act. They didn’t tell him and he had no idea what was the criminal act they attributed to him. We referred him to Haya.

An elderly man told us that for many years he tends his flock on his land, which is about two kilometers from the settlement “Nokdim”. The security chief of Nokdim called the police; they arrived there, as did several senior military officers. They talked to him and told him that he is forbidden from having his flock graze there. They ordered him to report to the DCL where they gave him 2 Phone numbers for what they called "Supervision." We referred him to Hagit Ofran and she will transfer the file to the attorney of “Justice Keepers”.

Two people arrived and said they were selling T-shirts at the Tarqumia Checkpoint area. Their two cars were confiscated on Tuesday and they still cannot get them back. We gave them the phone number of The Center for Civilians Protection.