Magistrate Court - Interrogation of Witness, Women

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Jerusalem Magistrate Court


Judge: Mordechai Kadouri

Prosecutor: Hila Zohar  (trainee)

Defense: Atty. Mufid Haj


Inam Kanambo – Criminal Case 9758/04/13

On 2.4.13 Prisoner Misra Abu Hamdiya died while in Israeli custody. Riots broke out immediately: one of them took place near Damascus Gate in Eastern Jerusalem.

Inam Kanambo, resident of the Old City, was present at the incident and tried to stop the police from arresting one of the demonstrators.

She claims that the police immediately arrested her, beat her up severely and took her to a police station in East Jerusalem, where the abuse continued.

The prosecution maintains that Inaam attacked the policemen and even slapped one of them at the station.

Inam was taken from the police station directly to Sharon Prison where she has been detained since 2.4.13.

The session began with the (somewhat problematic) screening of a DVD from one of the security cameras in Damascus Gate. Three cameras are installed there: one rotary, one fixed and one lodged in the gate itself. The film is 1.5 hours long, and it was hard to identify Inaam in it.

A policewoman testified that she had edited the film. Four policemen testified afterwards.


The next hearing is set for 9.10.13 at 14:00.


Shosh Kahn, from Women for (f.)  Political Prisoners was present at the hearing.