Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal


 Etzion DCL  

10.45 Despite the cold and the rain a few people were waiting. One of them said he was summoned yesterday by the GSS. He arrived at 09:00; they took his identity card and told him to wait. He waited. At six-thirty in the evening they gave him back his ID card and told him to come back today. He came and again he waits. We called the Humanitarian Center but could not reach them. We asked the soldier in DCL to call GSS and remind them that the man is waiting. The soldier refused, claiming he has no contact with GSS. He said he only collects the ID cards of those summoned for them.

We met a man that the police, concerned about the safety and security of Palestinian drivers, thoroughly checked his car, discovered a fault and fined him 750 shekels. He has to pay the fine at an Israeli post office he cannot reach. We drove him to a post office at a nearby community and he paid the fine. The police can stop worrying about him.

A few moments after 12 a man and woman arrived carrying in their arms their young children, they came for their magnetic cards. A man arrived who said he has a work permit but he can’t work today because he has to renew his magnetic card. They were not let in. They were told that distribution of magnetic cards is till 12 exactly.

Before we left a 'lunch break' began, but the soldiers promised to open "in a few minutes."