Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Remand Extension

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shalom Dahan

Investigator: Omri Awida

Defense: Firas Sabah, Fuaz Shaldoy, Tarek Bargout


A new feature in the court: a monitor that allows the defense to watch as the protocol is being written.


There are four cases in the docket. In two of them the sides have reached an agreement.


Amar Muhammad Hader Abed al-Salam Kraki – ID 936169499

Even though there is an agreement between the two sides, the suspect, Kraki, is not really on board and interferes in the proceedings, interrupting the judge, the investigator, the defense and the interpreter. The suspect insists on his innocence: he refuses to sit in solitary confinement while the GSS does nothing.

The court assures him that in the 8 days of remand every effort will be made to finish the investigation: hopefully it will take less than 8 days. Justice Dahan explains that if the charge had been rock throwing, he would have released him, but he is suspected of a more grave violation and the judge does not know what the investigation involves, so he cannot release him.


Iham Suleiman Awidi Alhalabi – ID 948352257

Represented by Atty. Firas Sabah.

The police requests 8 additional days to complete the investigation. This is the fifth remand extension. Alhalabi was arrested on 12.9.13.

Based on the information he has received, the defense attorney sums up his argument: he objects to the police’s motion. This is the fifth extension and yet there is no progress. The charge has to do with political activity.

The defense claims that the accused has told the police everything: He began studying the Koran at age seven. He admits having been active as a student at the university 9 years ago. The GSS does not believe him. As for military activity, the suspect had made it clear that whatever he did was not aimed at violating security in the region. He has no ties to hostile organizations.

The defense sums up: “After such a long detention, we do not believe that extension is warranted without appropriate justification.


Justice Dahan asks the suspect how he is doing, and the latter tells him:

1. Due to his condition, he needs to be seen by a doctor.

2. The suspect reports that he was threatened and pressured to cooperate; he was also beaten during the interrogation [he wants to detail what happened during the interrogation but the judge does not want to hear his account]. In the protocol, the judge notes the defendant’s report and orders the necessary inspection.

3. Examining the file, the judge ordered remand extension for 8 days.


Muhammad Hazem Abed al-Fatah Nafae – ID 859623555

The suspect is 18 years old.

The police requests a 15-day remand extension. The investigator is willing to settle for 12.

The defense counters with 8 days. There is no agreement.

The investigator claims that the young man is dangerous. The defense says that the detainee – arrested on 6.10.13 – admitted he threw rocks and took part in demonstrations.

Atty. Tarek Bargout says his client told the police everything he knows, so why are more days needed? Each additional extension worsens his mental state. The attorney explains to Justice Dahan that a long stay in solitary confinement often leads the suspect to confess to things he did not do, in order to get out of confinement.

The judge decides on 8 days extension.