'Awarta, Habla, Huwwara, Yasuf, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Fathiya A., Hannah K.

14:00 Habla CP – The passage is open. The children's bus has passed.

14:20 A group of soldiers is at the Jit intersection.

14:45 Huwwara CP: a soldier comes up to us, he has investigated the matter. Claimed that the CP is always open. If so – what are the soldiers for? " Checking" he answered. Two hours later we learn retroactively that at 14:00 hrs approximately a young man has been taken from the CP.

The village of Yasuf, Awarta: We are told that this year the olive picking has passed peacefully as it was done in coordination with the DCO  and was accompanied by people from human rights organizations.

16:40 Za'atara: Some trucks were checked at the CP and created a motorcade of waiting cars.

Find the differences:

Roads of approach for the welfare of the inhabitants:

A road of approach to Kfar Tapuah (the stronghold of Kahana and co.)

A road of approach to Habla