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Meira V., Roni P.; Translator: Ayala S.

We arrived at 5:00 and until 7:00 there were many people on line, which extended to the parking lot on this cold morning. Turnstile No.3 was out of order and it will probably take several days to repair. On the other hand, the "No Smoking" sign is in perfect order, all polished up and clear to read...

We met a man who was very angry that despite the fact that his permit was in order and had been freshly finger-printed -  he was directed to the Matak without explanation. Why was he not given an explanation? Is it a state secret? a military secret? The girl soldier readily inquired for him and came back with a reply: Shabak rejection! a generalized term of little use, it can include a wide array of causes for the rejection. Later we found out that actually, the finger-prints did  require renewal. A lost workday nevertheless!