Ofer - Women, Health Problems

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Nitza Aminov (reporting)


Translation: Marganit W.


Representatives of a couple of organizations were present in court today, explaining to their guests what was going on: Salwa Duaibis from Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling, and Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch, which monitors trials of minors in the military courts.


In Justice Lieut.-Col. Sharon Rivlin-Ahai’s court Atty. Nubani represented

Mahmoud Alharoub, ID852871409 - Case 5698/13


Mahmoud Alharoub is accused of entering Israel without a permit. The attorney, however, explains that the prosecution’s arguments and citations are irrelevant because this is a medical case, not a security one. Mahmoud has cancer and he receives an injection once a month at Mukassad Hospital in East Jerusalem. He had a referral for a certain date, but since he could not make it, he tried to get there on another date. He was arrested and interrogated. He tried to explain that he entered Israel for medical treatment.

The judge points out that Mahmoud has recently served time: he has 7 prior convictions and is still under suspended sentence for 2 months. She orders him remanded for 5 days to enable the defense to present documents supporting the medical claim, which may impact the argument for detention. She also instructs the facility doctor to check the detainee and evaluate his condition.

Mahmoud’s mother was present in court, crying bitterly and repeating: “But he is sick.”


Shosh Kahn from Women for Political [female] Prisoners” and myself came to court today to observe the hearing of Tahrir Mansour and her brother Sadam Mansour.


Judge: Major Samzar Shagug

Prosecution: Captain Avishai Kaplan

Defense: Atty. Jan Zbaidi


Tahrir Sati Yussuf Mansour, ID 936077835 - Case 3343/13

[See earlier report on her case]

Sadam Sati Yussuf Mansour, ID 948400692 - Case 3581/13


The attorney requests a postponement in order to review the testimony of Witness No.1.

The judge agrees and the hearing of both detaineesinfo-icon is set for 9.12.13.

There was small consolation in that the siblings were able to meet briefly in the dock, and their father was able to see them.

In the courtyard later, Shosh and I spoke to the father and heard about the difficulty he and his other daughter encountered whenever they tried to visit Tahrir and Sadam in jail.


Judge: Major Sharon Keinan

Prosecutor: Captain Alona Asher

Defense: Atty. Munther Abu Ahmed, Atty. Ismael Taweel


Sharif Assa’id, ID 852653393 - Case 5402/13

Sharif is accused of entering Israel without a permit. The judge proclaims that he “has a record”. The record includes several unsuccessful attempts to cross to Israel without permit, fake ID or impersonation.

Atty. Abu Ahmed explains the special circumstances in this case: Sharif is married to an Israeli citizen, they have a year old babyinfo-icon and one on the way. All his attempts to enter Israel were aimed at being united with his family. He requests a postponement and the judge accedes.

The next hearing is set for 5.11.13.


The courtroom where the hearing took place is one of the smallest in the compound, so every exchange Atty. Taweel had with Sharif’s wife was heard everywhere. As usual, there were other attorneys present. Sharif’s wife was heard telling Atty. Taweel that she has a job, she earns money and she is willing to pay whatever it takes for the representation. There was mention of five and ten thousand shekels. This apparently led to unpleasant consequences: as soon as the hearing was over and the woman left the room, another attorney went after her and tried to talk her into hiring him, extolling his legal abilities and insisting they are superior to those of her present counsel. He gave his business card to the wife and to Sharif’s father.