Jurish, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Shosh H. (reporting), Sara K. and Ro’i, yoga teachers, Nadim (driving), Translator: Charles K.

Jurish, Tapuach junction


We left Rosh Ha’ayin at 14:15 and reached Jurish at 15:00.

A military jeep stood at Tapuach junction, headed toward the direction of the Jordan Valley.

At the entrance to Marda we saw a military vehicle headed east.


Many girls came to the lessons, and some very cute boys who took a yoga class with Ro’i and English with Shosh, separate from the girls, of course.  The girls started with English.  We reviewed the vocabulary from the last lesson, “Picnic by the River,” and practiced the present and past tense of verbs.  The girls were asked to tell about the successful picnic they had and conducted short conversations in pairs.  It was also a chance to laugh and joke.


We learned a recipe for a moist chocolate cake and practiced the present and imperative tense of verbs.  Two girls volunteered to bake a cake for next time so we’ll be able to repeat last week’s enjoyable tea party.  We ended the lesson with a song.  At the same time Ro’i conducted a yoga lesson for the boys.


The meeting with the boys was very interesting.  One of them, A., a high school student, is the brother of S., one of the girls in the class.  The others are university students or graduates, one in his last year of business school; two are graduates of a two-year technology program.  We spent the first lesson getting to know each other and talking about them and their families.  Some of them dream of emigrating to Dubai to find a job and earn a living.  Almost all of them have relatives in Dubai.  Bottom line:  “Here’s there’s neither work nor peace!”  How true!  They wanted to hear about Machsom Watch; I showed them the Machsom Watch badge and we talked about the organization.  They all want to visit Tel Aviv!  One had heard about Dvorka and asked whether she could help…


The guy finishing business school is a singer who appears at celebrations.  He agreed to sing for us and we enjoyed his lovely voice.


At the same time, Sara K. taught the girls yoga very professionally and with her usual dedication.  We all parted feeling satisfied and in a very good mood.


At 17:20 we left for Rosh Ha’ayin.