'Izbet alTabib, Habla

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Susan A. Fathhiya A. reporting, Natanya translating

13.15  Habla. The gate opened at 13.00 and many people waited for the checking by the device at the exit in the direction of the nursery.

13.30 Izbet alTabib.  We arrived at the protest tend. There were many local people and those from the area present, also ministers and workers of the authority many speakers. At 14.00 we went to the demonstration. Many young people and Palestinian flags. When we arrived at the western entrance to the village we stopped and the young people started to sing patriotic songs and to dance the debka. Suddenly army vehicles surrounded us from all sides and the soldiers alighted and started to short tear gas at us and closed the exits. The demonstration dispersed and people began to run away but the soldiers continued pursuing us and shooting tear gas. ( I still feel very bad from the effects).  We got into the car and rode in the direction of Azzun but ran into a checkpoint between Azzun and Izbet. The soldiers stopped us and checked the car and our IDs and we were freed

We went o n to Huwwara and Ztomet Za’tara. Za’tara/Tapuach was manned.

16.20 At the entrance to Zeita/Ja’maien an army vehicle stood opposite the entrance to Marda.


16.40 Tzomet Mes'ha. Next to the traffic light soldiers checked army vehicles????