'Izbet alTabib

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Tzviya S., Rahel A., reporting. Translator: Hanna K.

An activity day at Izbat alTabib within the framework of 3 activity days by invitation of the village council, in protest against the plans for the building of a road which would by-pass Nabi Ilyas, and the construction of an industrial zone on the lands of the village


Participating about 30 persons from the Fighting for Peace Organisation, the Olive Harvest Coalition and Machsom Watch (Zvia S. and Rahel A.)


10.00 – R. told us about the history of the village and about what they have to endure during the occupation in general and these days in particular: This is the first village in Zone C which has a detailed and authorized project outline, but they have not yet received the final authorization and who knows when this will arrive. Opposite, in a grove which is joined to the village and which is situated on its lands, it is planned to construct an industrial zone for Alfey Menashe, and also a road which is planned to be built on the lands of the village,  bypassing Nebi Elias.


11.00 –We set out for the planting of olive trees in the zone bordering on road no. 55. During the whole time we were observed from the road above us, the access road to the villageby soldiers on the alert, under the pretext that they were guarding the road from stone throwing children. When we went back in the direction of the village by the path that runs along the fence which delimits road no. 55, the soldiers called for reinforcement and two command-cars and about 10 more officers and soldiers, armed and accessorized, arrived.They didn't allow us to go on our way, blocked the access road to the village and demanded we return to the village immediately. After an argument it was agreed that we continue a bit and then go back. There was a feeling of tension and that every moment the soldiers could react like they did at the demonstration the dya before, when they attacked the demonstrators with tear gas. The small children who look very used to all this, run around with medical masks on their faces.

12.00 – We returned to the village to have a coffee and a conversation. Later the Authority people from Qalqiliya were supposed to arrive, but most of the people had already left.