Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital S, Rocheleh H, (reporting)


12.20  Bezeq Checkpoint

The soldier on duty in the position next to the road points his weapon towards the position to his West.  There are many other soldiers and an army vehicle at the Container crossroads.


12.35  Tayasir Checkpoint

The wreck of the burned-out vehicle is no longer in the checkpoint.  Five flags decorate the checkpoint (usually there are four).One of the flags is stretched over a concrete block on the road.  An armored car is standing at the entrance to the deserted army camp and six soldiers, equipped with flack jackets and their other toys, are standing around it.  Their officer tells us that we cannot stand there because an exercise is starting. We hear the words : “training”, “forces”, “scope”, “a practice just for us” and the like.  But – we shouldn’t worry, the Palestinians will continue to pass through the checkpoint as usual. “As far as you are concerned”, he continues, “ I am worried but I am speaking to you politely”. In answer to our question, he says “We don’t circulate inside the villages, we only exercise on the perimeter”.
“Then what happened in the village of Bardela”?”
“I don’t know. you tell me what happened in Bardela”.

We saw soldiers being driven in civilian vehicles in the direction of Area A and then returned to the East.

12.55 We leave.


The sheep and  cattle enjoy the abundance of green grass. The vegetaion emits a trong scent, and the blossoms are amazingly beautiful. Yellow is the dominant flower color, and next to it is purple.  The inhabitants of the area (not the settlers) are busy picking beans in the fields.


13.20   Hamra Checkpoint

Four cars from the east, two from the west, and three cars are at the crossroads.  None of the cars drive on.  Many military vehicles pass through the crossroads. Military aircraft deafen one’s ears.  There are five "young lion" flags. Only one lane through the checkpoint (the middle one) is operating. The others are blocked by sharp spikes on the road, a plastic fence and a water tank.  A soldier verifies who we are, and why we are standing here.  “As long as you don’t cause disorder” he says. Passage to the West is very slow.  Queues of 13-15 cars, bringing laborers from the east, build up all the time, while from the west there are 4-5 cars waiting.


13.45 We leave.  The road is empty of cars.


14.05  We return to the checkpoint.  Except for two soldiers whom we see in the road position, the surroundings are clear of soldiers, and the traffic is thin.


14.15  We leave.