Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Chassida S. and Ruti T.

7:10 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

We are told that the gate opened on time. Traffic streams along: schoolgirls cross and men go to work.

There is hardly any crowding by the turnstile on the other side of the gate.

Vehicles drive through according to regulations.

The area around the waste container is relatively clean.


7:45 Ya'abed-Dotan checkpoint

On our way over, we noticed that there was no Jeep by the yellow gate that blocks the road leading to Ya'abed. Two other Jeeps were seen on the road, one of which drove up the hill to the


Mevoh Dotan settlement.


The entire area of black fertile soil is now covered with red wild flowers.

At the checkpoint we haven't seen any soldiers and Palestinian cars drove through without interruption. When we turned around inside the checkpoint area  a soldier's head appeared at the top of the tower, warning us not to go in the direction of Jenin. We had no intentions of doing so.


8:10 Barta'a-Reihan checkpoint   

As usual the lower car park is completely full. There are cars even at the top of the hill and on the side of the main highway.


On the road going from east to west, many parked trucks were waiting for inspection. A long line of cars is parked there as well. We also parked and I walked to the Palestinian car park.  H., the person who cleans the checkpoint, sits happily in his new car. Later he came out to clean the area.


Workers pour into the terminal via the turnstile. Today all go inside in an ongoing stream, There is no "Five at a time". It seems to us that people came out within 15 minutes. "All is fine" they say. :Private cars drove through continuously. Inspection was done by three inspectors simultaneously they use a stick with a mirror to inspect under the car, and upon their consent all door are closed and the car moves on. This took about 15 minutes as well.