'Azzun, Eyal Crossing, Habla

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Zvia Shapira and Rahel Affek (reporting), Hanna K. (translating)

Eyal CP, Habla, ‘Azzun, Shahar,


05:30 – The busy Sunday. The queue for the busses is long and winding. A very great number of busses. In spite of the load there are no complaints. At the side where the entrance to the CP is, there are already few people.

There is a rumour that the authorities are again considering the prohibition of bus rides on the way back to the occupied territories. The workmen we talked with hadn't heard about it. One should follow this up.


We continue to receive complaints of workers against their employers. We supply them with the phone number of the person responsible for Palestinian matters in "Kav La-Oved" (for those interested: Abed,050-9099044) who deals with these issues. From their stories we get a difficult description of abuse of their weakness by the employer: for instance – they work 22 days per month but the employer notes in their pay slip only 10 days per month. The employer forces them to pay him each month the sum of 2000 shekels  for the work permit, although he pays the state authorities 1200 shekels per month.  There are many more shocking instances…  As a matter of fact why is it necessary to pay the State authorities each month for the work permit? This is another example of the extortion of the Palestinians in favour of the State treasury.


06:50 – Habla. The gate is open, there are not many workmen, they pass the personal checking as well as the computerized one and go on their way.


07:30 'Azzun. There is a jeep and soldiers at the entrance to the village and another jeep further on.


On Saturday afternoon we visited ‘Azzun with Aneline and a fully loaded jeep with objects for the "second hand" shop of Zaharan and we also celebrated little Kossay's fifth birthday, in their damp, humid and cold house in which the end of the week rains created havoc…We celebrated with a cake and candles and balloons which Rahel had prepared. There was a pleasant family warmth, and we then returned to our heated dry homes. The thoughts about the shocking and unbearable polarization didn't leave us.