Etzion DCL

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S”S and Y”S (reporting) Naomi Gal translating

Like a week ago, once again, there were many cars in the parking lot when we arrived at ten-thirty. 
About eight people summoned by GSS were waiting. Their identity cards were taken and they were waiting since 9 in the morning. So there are no more restrictions on the time permitted to expropriate IDs? 
There were some 30 people waiting in the hall. Number 37 flashes on the digital screen and number 67 sits and waits but there are no more numbers because there is no paper in the ticketing machine and we have no evidence. 
At least three people complained that they come many times to renew the magnetic card and are not let in. For many hours, from 6am until closing time they sit and wait and then the windows are closed and they go home. Another day of work is wasted. One of them said he pays his employer 80 a day and every day he has no permit he is losing this money. No, he has no proof and he cannot take pictures in secret because he will lose his job and his livelihood…urban legend or unimaginable reality?

Those waiting for GSS are still waiting. One is called in just to be told to come back tomorrow. When we left about five people were still waiting. Those prevented from entering Israel got Sylvia’s phone number. Among them one trader: "What did I do and why am I on the prevented list?" 
The same things and the same people deprived of basic rights who need the Civil Administrationinfo-icon in order to go on with their lives and their survival. What about us? We really have no one to talk to. The officer of Public Complaints responds only through the military official Bureau. Officers are overseas. DCL says he’ll try to do something but already at quarter to 12 the windows are closed and people who were not yet asked for fingerprints are sent home. "We can’t let people in after 12," they tell S. who calls and tries and maybe will succeed today also to help one more person who will get a magnetic card, go to work and earn his bread.

Apart from Meir from the Health Hotline, who gives immediate answers about medical permits (including that a man cannot get an accompanying permit because he has two already and they don’t provide long-term permits for accompanying cancer patients - at least there are rules), but there was no reference to suffering. The Public Complaints officer asked us to file a complaint in writing - such a complaint was filed, and nothing has changed ... The DCL said he was working hard and we could check out how many magnetic cards were issued today.

There was a person who sought to refresh a broken magnetic card ... he was really sad and was not let in for the third time. Does anyone in command really check what is going on? Does anyone care that soldiers are submitting inaccurate data?

A frustrating and sad shift. Has the army decided to ignore our presence, not respond and allow such attitude?