Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A., Translation: Naomi Gal
Seriously? Does this make us safer?





11:00 Twenty men and women were waiting in the hall. Most of them came to receive or renew magnetic cards. Some were waiting for a meeting with the policeman. They did not know if he was there and there was no way to ask or find out.  
We were told that 15 people are waiting inside. 

11:15 a young man came out and said he arrived at 06:00 am, was let in at 08:30 and waited inside until now. A woman who came out after him complained she did not get a permit to enter Israel to be present in court in Jerusalem coming Tuesday. They sent her to the Palestinian DCL. An elderly man, GSS prevented, said that two weeks ago he asked for a permit so he could receive treatment at a hospital in Jerusalem. They told him to come back in two weeks. He waited two weeks, but when he came today, they sent him to the Palestinian DCL. His appointment at the hospital is for Monday, and he fears that the GSS will not finish his checkout until Monday, which will make it impossible for him to get to the hospitalon time.

An elderly man, who received a magnetic cardinfo-icon, said he is GSS restricted since 2000 to the present and he has no idea why. Three years ago he turned to Sylvia and she took care of his restriction, but he did not receive an answer from her. We advised him to get a work permit and to contact her again. Another GSS prevented told us that he requested a medical permit to accompany his 16-year-old son to Hadassah Hospital. We spoke to M. who deals with matters of health and he advised the father to ask for a permit for the patient's brother, a young man of 20 who is not restricted so that he could join the patient and his mother. The father changed his request and was let in.  

At about 11:30 the policeman showed up and 10 people were let in and taken care of. But then he disappeared again. The soldier told those waiting that there is no policeman and they left. After half an hour he was back. A man arrived who got a fine of 250 Shekels because he failed to use his safety belt. He was let in and asked the policeman for a form to pay the fine. The policeman refused and sent him to the post office. The post office in the nearby community was closed.

An angry and bitter man said that for the last15 years he arrives every year from Haifa to get a staying permit for his wife so that the family can be united.  This year too he received a notice from the Interior Ministry that the permit is ready and that he can obtain it at Etzion DCL.  But DCL refused to give him the permit. They sent him to the Palestinian DCL to fill a form he was never before required to complete. We contacted the permits authority in Beit El and the soldier said that he spoke with the officer at Etzion DCL and she promised to instruct them to give the man the permit. The man tried to enter to get the promised permit, but the soldier at the entrance refused to let him in. Finally they let him in but then lunch break began and there was no one to take care of him.  
When we left, he was still waiting. Before we left, we met two other police prevented. One is prevented till 2020 and the other until 2022. We referred them to Haya.