Ofer - Stone Throwing, Sentence

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Aya Kaniuk, Tamar Goldschmied, Ram Rahat, Nitza Aminov (reporting)


Translation: Tal Haran


We came to court in solidarity with the struggle of the people of Nabi Samuel village.

A court session was scheduled in the case of Eid Barakat and six youngsters from the village who had been abducted from their homes at the crack of dawn, and they have already been remanded in custody.

As we did not find Eid’s name in the docket, our inquiry at the secretariat showed that there was no legal charge pressed against him throughout the year 2013. Wonders of the Occupation bureaucracy never cease…

We were not present at the six young men’s hearing, but were glad to hear later that they had been released.


Judge: Major Sanzar Shagug

Prosecutor: Lieutenant Dvir Wiesel

Defense: Attorney Fadi Qawasma


Defendant: Mawaed Kemal Abed Al Fathah Hanoun, ID 852274273


The prosecutor and defense announce that they have reached a plea bargain, and respectively Mawaed Hanoun admits his guilt.

The charges include throwing objects towards a person or property, and active participation in an illegal organization.

The interesting and so common part is that the acts Mawaed is not being tried for took place in 2009!

From the protocol: “ … In the year 2009 he threw stones at security forces and was a member of Hamas… also participated in activity including hanging up flags and pictures…”

At the sentencing the judge also mentions that “… the defendant’s action was part of organization activity, nothing else, and that the throwing of objects took place in 2009”.

Again we realize that “The guardian of Israel shall never sleep” and the military rule’s long arm will even reach whoever threw stones and hung up flags and posters at a Hamas parade 4 years ago.



12 months and a day in prison from the day of his arrest.

2000 NIS fine, or another two months prison sentence. 

6 months suspended sentence for 4 years


Mawaed Hanoun has been in custody since May 2013.