Etzion DCL

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Ora Ardon, Shlomit Steinitz and Hanna Bar”g (reporting), Translation: Naomi Gal
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

Etzion DCL 


Police restricted until 2099!

09:50: We arrived at an almost empty DCL. In the waiting hall most of the people were summoned by "Captain Victor" (GSS), which as is common knowledge is hardly ever there. Today he probably was present because we saw some "movement". Those who needed a magnetic card or various permits went in and out very quickly.

Some people turned to us for help. A 30-year-old guy asked us to find out until when he is police restricted. When we had to inform him he is restricted until 2099 he started to laugh. "And what will happen until then? We shall starve to death? Would I still be alive by then?” We did not find it funny at all.

Another police restricted received a traffic ticket in 2005 and did not pay the fine. Now the fine has risen to astronomical proportions. As accordingly he is of course police restricted, there is no chance he could cover the debt - and the wheel turns.

A 65-year-old man suddenly discovered that he cannot enter Israel because he is GSS restricted. None of his 16 children and 62 grandchildren

Are forbidden to work in Israel, all he wants is to pray on Fridays. The conversation with him was in fluent Hebrew, very friendly and lighthearted, but we had to hide the shame we felt.

The average Israeli, who just yesterday voted to maintain the occupation, the racism and other forms of abuse, will probably shrug his shoulders and say "GSS must know what they are doing." That's how you control occupied people, embitter their lives while they persistently refuse to leave - and the world goes on.

Another day of occupation.

We left at 12:00 – because on Thursdays they work only until noon.