Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Hassida S., Idit B., (Reporting). Translation: Bracha B.A.


Shaked – Tura Checkpoint

06:57– A military jeep arrives.  We see people waiting at the turnstile.  At 07:03 the checkpoint opens and people begin to cross from the seamline zone.  At 07:05 several people and older students are the first to cross to Tura.


Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint

07:25 – Five trucks are waiting in line to be checked.  Traffic is moving freely through the checkpoint.  Two people asked us for help, and we gave them Anna's phone number.


Yaabed Mevo Dotan Checkpoint

07:50 – On our way to the checkpoint we saw a military vehicle standing on the side of the road near the Bedouin village of Emricha.  We learned that there had been an incident of stone throwing on the road.  A resident of the settlement of Mevo Dotan shouted at us angrily, "They are throwing stones at us and you are coming to protect them!" 


There was a line of five cars at the checkpoint that were released within a short time.  The soldiers quickly approached our car and asked who we were.   We took Ali, the sick youth and his mother from Yaabed to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.