Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Stone Throwing, Shooting

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Judge: Justice Fleischmann


Police investigator: Omri Aweideh


Defence Attorney: Tareq Bargout


There were 5 cases in the  docket.


Although everyone involved in remand extensions had arrived by 09:30, the sessions only got underway at 10:30.


Unusually, Judge Fleischman refused to give us the minutes of the hearings, because after consultation with the court president, he does not understand why we expect at all to receive the minutes of a hearing...


The proceedings took place in a tough atmosphere this morning. The worthy Justice addressed Attorney Bargout mainly by jokes and laughter - that provoked roars of laughter from the police investigator and interpreter. The detaineesinfo-icon were so wrapped up in themselves and their efforts to get out of solitary confinement where they spend much of the day, that they hardly understood what those present were laughing at.



Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Hanafsah , ID 854610516


The investigator asked for 15 more days in detention for the interrogation's purposes. The detainee was arrested on 19 July 2013 and was interrogated by the Shabak (GSS). The suspicion: manufacturing and possession of explosive devices for use against Israeli targets, and activities against the security of the region.


Summing-up by the defence: the suspect admits he handled material that could seem suspicious, but did not intend to carry out an attack. The defence asked to examine his argument, and to extend to a minimum the number of days of the investigation, to allow a judicial review.


The judge's decision: "After reviewing the material, I understand that there are many operations to be performed".


He extended the remand by a further 12 days.


Assad Abdullah Assad Abu Alia , ID 854507373


The investigator requested another 8 days for the investigation. The suspect was detained on 11 July 2013.


The suspicion: throwing stones, manufacturing weapons, and shooting at the security forces. He was investigated as part of a whole affair, that resulted in many detainees and the investigation is ongoing.


The defence asked: Do you have indications that the security forces were actually fired at?


Investigator: Yes, and there are developments that can be beneficial for the suspect, as specified in the classified report.


Q: Does the suspect have a medical problem?


A: Yes. The detainee has a slipped disc.


Defence counsel added that he would like to refer the detainee to a doctor. It is difficult for him to sit on a chair during the investigation.


The investigator: He has had a slipped disc for 30 years, and is able to sit.


The defence's summing-up: We must take into consideration the fact that the detainee has admitted. I would like to transfer the case to the prosecution, or to reduce the number of days of the investigation.


The judge's decision: "I have studied both police statements [made by the suspect]. They show that the detainee links himself to throwing Molotov cocktails and using weapons.


From reading  the confidential report, I understand that the number of days requested is justified. Therefore I extend [the remand] by 8 days. The suspect will be brought to a doctor within 24 hours, and the test results will be added to the investigation file".


Yusuf Arraf Muhammad Salah, ID 852712082


The parties reached agreement to extend remand by 4 days, and to transfer the case to the prosecution .


Sanad Haddad Ibrahim Abu Alia, ID 854009875


The investigator requested another 8 days. The suspect was arrested on 11 July 2013.


The allegations against him are the same as those in the case of Assad Abdullah Assad Abu Alia; it is a shared case.


The judge's decision - as in the same case - another 8 days for questioning.


Mohammad Naim Sari Abu Alia, ID 853934818


The police investigator requested another 15 days for the investigation. Some of the charges are connected to the case of Sanad Haddad Ibrahim Abu Alia.


Suspicions: disturbing the public order, throwing Molotov cocktails , activities in Hamas, throwing stones, making Molotov cocktails, and activities against the security of the region.


The judge's decision: After reviewing the confidential reports and documents in the file of the prisoner, I award 11 more days of investigation.